Game title : Single Diary
Developer : THEMIS Entertainment Co. Ltd.
Based in : Taipei Taiwan
Plateforms : Windows
Available on : Steam / DLSite / Themis official
Release Date : Planned in 2019 Q1
Price : NTD 200
Website : 點我前往


Time does fly, our main character away from home town, becomes new fresh graduate and step ahead into this the dazzling human city. Coming from ordinary life in the past, but starting new colorful life by meeting up with sixteen beautiful girls with different personality. Those girls coming from different background with their owned worries, how our main protagonist can help them out ?


Unlike the legacy text adventure gaming, The Single Diary game contains lots of uncertainty factors into drama design, for example, the real life drama and feeling will be changed according to different weather, as the geographic location is different, players may not be able to precisely capture the strategy to play, the key objective is to create more topics between players to discuss rather them the player to player single direction.

We also bring in the year 70'~80' factor to gain more attention from experienced players, to remind more beautiful memory back to the past in this game, also have young generation players to experience the the pure game magic back to DOS period. Not only we pursue for the perfection in screen, picture, display and music, but also the drama and content to have all players enjoy living inside the stories.



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Developer Team

  • VJ
    Funder / THEMIS
  • Arthur
    Senior Game Developer / THEMIS
  • Johnny
    Senior Developer / THEMIS
  • 赫佐艾卡
    Art Design / THEMIS
  • MOMO
    Painter / THEMIS
  • 腳皮
    Art Design / THEMIS
  • 阿正
    Music Composer


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